Lifetime Financial Planning


Welcome to Lifetime Financial Planning

What we do


We are:

– A Boutique Family Company

– A Trusted Confidant since 1984

– Absolutely Client Focused

– Gold Standard Accredited

We specialise in:

– Bespoke Financial Planning

– Innovative Problem Solving

– Goal-Driven Investment

– Behavioural Coaching

We provide:

– Impartial Unbiased Advice

– Plain Language Recommendations

– Long Term Financial Planning

– No Nonsense Investment Advice

We avoid:

– Making Predictions

– Unregulated Markets

– Timing the Capital Markets

If you think you might like to work with us – call us at 046 92 40961 or send us an email

Client Testimonials

“I have been a client of Lifetime Financial Planning since February 2020. I decided to work with them for a number of reasons. They are highly approachable, personable, pro-active, and extremely knowledgeable in the fields of investment, pensions and other financial specialisms.”

“A key aspect of their detailed financial planning process involves listening closely to client needs and putting clearly laid-out recommendations together. Detailed insight into each recommendation is provided in a jargon-free manner that is easy to understand. Considered collaborative choices are made for each step along the planned route towards a safeguarded future.”

“I am very pleased to have found Lifetime Financial Planning, and to be working with this local company in relation to the long term goal of securing the financial future of my family.”

Eamonn ConneelyBusiness Owner

“Aidan has looked after our finances very well over many years”

Mary FlanaganRetiree

Video Meetings

We are happy to meet our Clients by Video call, which is safer in this Covid time. Our Clients find it very convenient. The Meeting can be arranged at a time to suit you, in your own home. No driving or parking. Meetings tend to take less time. Distance is no object, we deal with Clients all over the 26 Counties.