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Financial Planning Tips for Women

We like to think we are becoming a more equal society, but women continue to face a particular set of challenges, compared to men, when it comes to managing their income and planning for the future. Generally speaking, women face different challenges through their financial life journey, compared to men, including: The Gender Pay Gap […]

Monthly Investment Note: November 2023

The House View Summary: With our Celtic Samhain festival over for the year, the real horrors of the world are laid bare, flashing on our screens as we enter November. Coming towards the year end, we have one eye on the investment journey of the past 10 months and one eye on where we may […]

The Wood from the Trees

With the plethora of media attention across multiple platforms, it can be difficult to stick to your long-term investment plan, due to postponed investment decision making. This can adversely affect long term planning, so, when I’m reminded of all the worry, I often refer to the below chart to provide some perspective.   The chart […]

International Women’s Day Sunday 8th March

There are plenty of national and international studies showing lower participation rates for women contributing to a pension and for those women who do participate, smaller pension pots. The reasons and impact of the resulting pensions pay gap for women are manifold. Here are 7 simple step’s which women, and their employers, can take to […]

Investment Snippets #6

#STICKTOTHEPLAN: How to deal with Market Volatility Volatile Markets rattle the nerves of investors, but we should remind ourselves why, as investors, we invest. Consider that when we purchase shares in a company, we are buying ownership of that company, so we become a shareholder and that entitles us to a share in the profits. […]

Investment Snips #5

The Yield Titans…. As investors, we look to place our investment where we hope to receive an income (a yield) or a capital appreciation or both on the initial investment, over a period of time.   In recent times however, the fixed income asset “tool box” would likely not have contained long dated sovereign bonds. The […]

Stand Back from the Scrum Snips #5

Its happening again, Stock markets are at all-time highs and confidence is flying high. But at Lifetime Financial Planning we use our tried and tested Value Based Investment Strategy to identify good value for our Clients. And from the 600 largest companies in the US and UK, only 12 meet our value criteria currently, which […]

Moved to Ireland from the UK? – Transfer Your UK Pension

If you worked in the UK and have moved to Ireland, you may have left one or more UK Pensions behind. We strongly recommend that these assets be transferred back to Ireland, you thereby gain control of your asset. BREXIT means this should be done sooner rather than later. The funds can be retained in Sterling […]

Reminder to Submit Your Pension Contribution Before the Pay and File Deadline

We’re just writing to remind you to take full advantage of the generous tax relief available on your 2015 pension contribution before the pay and file deadline of 31st October, or 10th November if you file through Revenue Online Service (ROS). Depending on your age and income, you may be eligible for up to 40% […]