The Importance of Financial Planning

The Power of Partnering with a Certified Financial Planner

The Power of Partnering with a Certified Financial Planner

Financial planning is at the cornerstone of personal empowerment, and for women, it holds particular significance. In a world where gender disparities persist in various areas of life, from earnings to career progression, financial planning is a crucial tool for women to navigate these challenges and secure their future independence.

At Lifetime Financial Planning, we strongly advocate for long term planning for the future, today to provide a sense of financial wellness regarding your future financial self. For women, financial wellness has a particular importance considering that on average, women live longer than men (84.4 years for females vs 80.8 years for males in Ireland in 2020: CSO Measuring Ireland’s Progress 2021) and as a result will require more financial resources if they wish to maintain a comfortable quality of life as they age.
Recent findings from the FPSB Value of Financial Planning Research 2023, undertaken for FPSB Ireland and conducted amongst 1,000+ consumers* in Ireland shed light on the significant impact of financial planning on the financial well-being and confidence of women in Ireland. Here are the key takeaways from the survey:
*52% of respondents were female and of these, 240 are advised and the balance, 296, unadvised.

Women who have sought financial planning advice have elevated levels of financial confidence.

The survey reveals a promising level of financial confidence among advised females, with 92 out of 240 expressing belief in having enough funds for retirement. A substantial majority of 196 out of 240 respondents consider themselves knowledgeable about finance, indicating a solid foundation for making informed financial decisions. Impressively, 199 out of 240 advised females successfully adhere to their financial strategies, highlighting disciplined financial management practices.
The more intimately you know your finances the better; this is particularly important where you share finances with someone. It is important that you can be financially independent just in case something goes wrong – such as divorce, or untimely death, etc.

Women who have a written financial plan are more likely to feel confident about achieving their life goals.

The survey identifies various triggers prompting females to seek financial advice, including specific financial goals and objectives, recommendations from trusted sources such as family, friends, or colleagues, referrals from professional advisers, health-related concerns, and windfalls like inheritances. Before doing anything about your finances, it’s important to set yourself financial goals for the future. The goals should be specific and realistic.
Women often have unique financial challenges, such as longer life expectancy and career interruptions due to caregiving responsibilities. It’s essential to address these factors in long-term financial planning. Understanding your current financial situation, including income and expenditure, assets and liabilities, risk attitude, tolerance, can help women build a solid financial foundation for the future.
Once you have set your objectives and goals, and understand your current financial position, make sure you create a plan of action. Those with a written, comprehensive plan are more likely to feel strongly confident about achieving their life goals. Financial planning is a dynamic ongoing process that requires continuous monitoring. The actions recommended and the goals should be reviewed regularly to take account of a change in income, asset values or family circumstances.

Women who work with a professional financial planner express considerable or complete trust in them.

Building a strong support network is crucial for women’s financial success. Financial planning professionals provide connections with other professionals, such as accountants, solicitors and mentors, to provide holistic guidance. Collaborating with trusted advisers, in particular a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, who will hold you accountable for your plan and help you make necessary adjustments when, or if, it goes off track will ensure that women receive comprehensive support tailored to their unique needs and goals.
A significant majority of advised females, with 197 out of 240 respondents, express considerable or complete trust in their financial planners. This trust reflects the strong relationships built on transparency, expertise, and personalised guidance, highlighting the importance of trust in the client-adviser relationship.

Engagement with CFP® Professional.

A notable portion of advised females, 104 out of 240 respondents, demonstrate an awareness of the internationally recognised CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER designation. Welcome news is that 73 out of 240 advised females are fortunate to receive guidance from a CFP® professional, highlighting the value placed on expertise and accreditation in financial planning.

The survey findings highlight key benefits in working with a professional financial planner, including simplifying and explaining financial matters, boosting financial decision-making confidence, saving time and effort in financial decision-making, improving financial well-being and peace of mind, and establishing and achieving financial goals.
Beyond mere budgeting, financial planning encompasses a strategic approach to managing resources, investing wisely, and building long-term financial stability. The survey findings reaffirm the invaluable role of financial planning in empowering female consumers to achieve their financial goals, enhance their financial confidence, and secure their financial futures. Recognising the unique socioeconomic landscape women often face, proactive financial planning not only fosters individual prosperity but also serves as a catalyst for broader economic empowerment and gender equality.

The Importance of Financial Planning

How Can a Company Pension Benefit Me?

Tax Relief on Contributions
Employer contributions – Corporation Tax Relief
Employee Contributions – income tax relief & not treated as a BIK

Investment Options
Access to thousands of Global Equities, Funds, Bonds, and Property, on regulated markets and managed though a single portfolio

Tax Free Investment Growth
Capital Growth & Income received from Investments made within Retirement Funds are tax free

Retirement Benefits
Tax Free Lump Sum up to €200,000 is available, (can be 1.5x salary or 25% of fund) the next €300,000 is taxed at standard rates

Income Drawdown Options
Flexible Income drawdown using an ARF allows tax management with other retirement income
Guaranteed income from an Annuity

Estate Planning
Protect the Family Balance Sheet
Lump Sums & pension options for your dependants in service & in retirement. ARF asset passes to your estate


How can a company pension benefit me?


The Importance of Financial Planning

Stand Back from the Scrum Snips #5

Its happening again, Stock markets are at all-time highs and confidence is flying high. But at Lifetime Financial Planning we use our tried and tested Value Based Investment Strategy to identify good value for our Clients. And from the 600 largest companies in the US and UK, only 12 meet our value criteria currently, which means 98% are not good value. However, the good news is we are likely to see a lot of Volatility in 2017, and volatility always means good value buying opportunities for our Clients.

Talk to us if you would like your Pensions and Investments to be managed in a strategy with a long (20 year) successful track record, and with a focus on value for money assets.

As always, bear in mind that Investments fall as well as rise, and past performance is not a good guide to future performance.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Moved to Ireland from the UK? – Transfer Your UK Pension

If you worked in the UK and have moved to Ireland, you may have left one or more UK Pensions behind. We strongly recommend that these assets be transferred back to Ireland, you thereby gain control of your asset.

BREXIT means this should be done sooner rather than later. The funds can be retained in Sterling if desired.

At Lifetime Financial Planning, we have the technical expertise and experience in transferring UK Pension Funds to Ireland.

If you need help in relation to transferring your UK pension or any other financial matter give us a call at Lifetime Financial Planning.

Tel +353 (0)46 924 0961. Email: or

The Importance of Financial Planning

Set Your Financial Goals With a Lifetime Financial Plan

A recently published survey revealed that a significant amount of our population is suffering from high levels of stress due to concerns about their financial well being.

Pension planning, for example, was a serious source of stress with over 51% of respondents saying they were not saving enough for their retirement. Not knowing how to plan for your financial future can lead to inaction and high levels of stress.

Identify Your Financial Goals

Despite being worried about their financial future the vast majority of people do not have a Lifetime Financial Plan to address this. In order to put together a good plan you need to ask yourself some straight questions…. 

  • When do you want to retire?

  • If I die or suffer serious ill-health how is my family fixed?

  • When do you want your mortgage paid off?

  • Have I made a will?

  • Should I review my savings and investments?

  • Can I save money on the cost of some utilities and services – Energy, Car or Home Insurance, Health Insurance etc.?

Let’s have a brief look at some key areas:

Take Control of your Pension

Starting a Pension Plan or increasing your contributions to an existing one is a very good move to make at the start of 2016.

  • The younger you start your plan the better as your pension pot will then be bigger.

  • If you have a workplace pension scheme you should join it as your employer is likely to be making a contribution for you.

  • Those approaching retirement should make sure they are not taking too much investment risk.

  • Identify your retirement goals and the cost of getting there.

  • Put in place a plan to review your Lifetime Pension Plan at least once a year.

Protect your Family

Death is a taboo subject to most and yet having plans in place to deal with the financial impact of unexpected death is vital for anybody with dependent relatives. Equally you need to consider you and your families circumstances if you suffer a serious illness to the point where it has the effect of eliminating your income. 

  • Do you have Family Protection/Life Insurance cover?

  • If so will it be enough to maintain your family’s standard of living?

  • Should you have Serious Illness or Income Protection cover or both?

Estate Planning

Estate planning is a vital component of any robust financial plan. While, for example, the recent budget increased the tax free threshold for inheritances passing between parent and child to €280,000, with increasing house values etc., it doesn’t take a lot before there are very heavy tax exposures. Only a third of Irish people have made a will which is crazy if you want to dictate and sensibly arrange how your affairs are going to be managed when you die. You certainly don’t want to leave yourself dependent on the laws of intestacy which may not distribute your assets as you would like.

  • Have you made a will?

  • Does it need to be reviewed?

  • Are there any financial or tax planning matters that need consideration?

The Need for Regular Reviews

You should review your financial plan with your Broker on an annual basis. Numerous studies have shown that those who conduct regular reviews having higher savings and pension values than those who do not. 

  • A good plan will help eliminate the stress of not knowing where you are going.

  • Your circumstances do change regularly, for example, additions to the family.

  • Other situations change – tax laws, interest rates, economic climate etc, and your Financial Broker will be able to keep you up-to-date with these changes.



If you would like to take control of your finances in 2016 and get your Lifetime Financial Plan in place then please contact Aidan Wall, QFA, at 046 924 0961 or email


The Importance of Financial Planning

Financial Broker Vs Bank Advisor Part 2: Long Vs Short Term

It can be difficult to cultivate any kind of meaningful relationship with a Financial Advisor at your bank, as they can often be more focused on hitting their quarterly sales targets than in your long term financial well-being. If you are deemed worthy enough to be called in for an annual review you might also find that the Advisor you previously met has been transferred to another branch in a reshuffle.

Impartial Financial Brokers, on the other hand, are singularly focused on building long term relationships with our clients as we know it takes time, expert planning and regular reviews to truly achieve your financial goals and aspirations. That’s why we’ve called ourselves Lifetime Financial Planning to better reflect our ethos of long term focus on your financial wellbeing.

We want you to succeed in your long term financial goals as your success means our client is happy, and happy clients return to us for more business. We certainly wouldn’t have lasted over 30 years in this business if we were solely interested in short term relationships and quarterly sales targets. So the question is, what kind of relationship would you prefer with your Financial Advisor?

If you have already availed of a free financial planning service or purchased a financial product which you wish to review, I would be happy to do it for you. Call me at 046 924 0961 or email: Website:
Aidan Wall Financial Services Ltd T/A Lifetime Financial Planning is regulated by the Central Bank of Ireland.

The Importance of Financial Planning

Protecting Your Family Business Interests

As a business owner you protect your property, your vehicles and equipment. And so you should because if your business suffers a catastrophic event involving these, the very financial viability of your business may be in jeopardy. But have you considered what would happen to your business if you died prematurely or if you were so incapacitated, through illness or injury, that you could not run your business anymore. Equally, if you have fellow shareholders or partners or you have a key member of your business team, who are vital to the viability of the business, think about the consequences if the same happened to one of them.

Key Issues:

You may need to consider the impact on your business and/or your family should any of the circumstances mentioned above unfortunately come to pass.

  • Would your family stay in the business or would they be required to sell the business?
  • Would the remaining shareholders/partners, such as Canada online casino Maple Leaf, in the business have the funds needed to buy your share from your family?
  • Would you have the funds available to buy your co-owner’s share of the business from their family?
  • What would be the impact on your business in the event of the death/impairment of a key employee or business partner?
  • What about the tax implications?

It won’t happen to my/our business

Many business owners believe that it simply won’t happen to them. The chances of one partner / director, in a two or three man business dying or becoming seriously ill before retirement, are probably a lot higher than you might think and it does happen. Quite often what is left is a very serious financial problem mainly through the lack of readily available capital to deal with the consequences.

There is a Solution

Business protection can assist in ensuring the continued survival of a business and provide for a deceased business owner’s family in the event of premature death or serious illness and incapacity.

Shareholder/Partnership Insurance (Business Owner’s Insurance)

This provides funds, through the proceeds of an Insurance Policy, to the surviving business owners to purchase the share of a deceased’s shareholding from their personal representatives. Depending on the structure of the business the cover can be set up on a personal or corporate basis. This cover ensures the deceased’s legal representatives / next of kin are provided for and the surviving business owners retain control of the business. The cover in question should be carefully co-related to a properly structured shareholders agreement that addresses the wishes of shareholders/co-owners in the event of such an occurrence.

Keyperson Insurance

This type of cover is designed to protect the human assets of the business in the same way as fire insurance protects a company’s physical assets. Protection, again through an appropriate Insurance Policy, is taken out by a Company on the life of a key employee to protect the Company as a result of the death or serious illness of the key employee.

Gift or Inheritance Tax Planning

As a business owner, it is important also to take a close look at the implications of Capital Acquisitions Tax if you are planning to pass on your business to your family when you die. Inheritance tax can become a real burden where financial resources are tied up in a business. If you do not plan ahead, your family could be faced with a difficult decision between having to sell the business or having to borrow the money to pay the tax liability. There are a number of solutions to this and Gift or Inheritance tax planning allows you to plan for the tax liabilities which could arise, thus ensuring that the business won’t have to be sold off to pay the tax bill.

The Next Step

Each of the situations outlined in this article requires very careful consideration and planning. The very first action should be to seek good and expert advice. Why not give us a call and together we can set the proper planning in train.

Call Aidan Wall today at 046 924 0961 or email: for expert impartial advice on Business Protection.